Congratulations Mr + Mrs Sornig!!

Stephen & Mickenzie

Celebrating their marriage September 8th, 2019 in Holly, Michigan

The Wedding Party

Mickenzie Steffes

Not as short as she looks, will fight you for mentioning it, and the second most stubborn person you'll ever meet.

Steve Sornig

A pun-loving nerd, the embodiment of chaotic good, and the most stubborn person you'll ever meet.

Marc Hall
Best Man

Might have escaped from a magical woodland realm, ask him about his Magic the Gathering Deck collection.

Sarah Moss
Maid of Honor

5'6" of Solid Sass and Dependability. Always ready to watch bad scary movies and eat Chinese food, 10/10 bff.

Wade Ezra Wells

Closet Cannibal, the human embodiment of "I told you you shouldn't have done that, but it's funny to watch the consequences."

Kat Steffes

Make up game always on, baddest bitch this side of the Midwest.

Ashley Sornig

Too athletic for her own good, could definitely chop kick a tree in half if she tried.

Christina Harmon

Kind and Sweet, the most likely to kill a man in cold blood and get away with it.

Steve and Tina Sornig
Parents of the Groom

Steve: The second most humble man you'll ever meet, self proclaimed maintenance god.
Tina: Quiet, but mean left hook.

Leann Steffes
Mother of the Bride

Least likely to reach the top shelf, most likely to win a Harry Potter trivia contest.

Karen Steffes
Best. Stepmom. Ever!!!!!

The Cheesecake Queen, has offered Mickenzie advice on being happily married... to a stubborn man.

Timothy Steffes
Father of the Bride

Knows a movie or show quote for every situation, and all the worst dad jokes.

Our Story
Steve and Kenzie met in 2016 through a mutual friend of a friend situation. They got to know each other through their Dungeons and Dragons group. After a year and a few notable road trips, they rented an apartment together as roommates in order to split the cost. For a two month stretch, Steve and Kenzie danced around each other; both of them finding deep comfort in the small domestic moments. Finally Steve made the first move, and they admitted their feelings for one another. They greatly appreciate the love and support they have received from friends and family!

Ceremony and Reception


The Grand Belle
15009 Holly Hills Dr. Holly, MI 48442 Show Map


The ceremony will begin at 2pm and the reception will follow.

Steve and Mickenzie invite you to wear medieval / renaissance style attire! Because of how important Dungeons and Dragons has been to the couple, this wedding is a themed event. The bride, groom, and bridal party will be wearing traditional clothing for the ceremony, then changing into fantasy style clothing for the reception. You are welcome to join them in dressing up! If you aren't sure what style to go for, think Lord of the Rings or a Renaissance faire. Dressing up is encouraged but not required!


The happy couple would like to invite guests to donate to their honeymoon fund in lieu of traditional wedding gifts. See honeymoon information below! However, if you would rather go the traditional route, below are links to the couple's Target and Amazon Wedding Registries.

Honeymoon Plans: Steve and Mickenzie are planning a road trip up to Maine! They will be visiting the New York side of Niagara Falls, and Salem Massachusetts along the way. Check back for more information on the travel plans as they develop!

The RSVP deadline has passed :(